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Moma Mineral Sands, Mozambique

Moma Mineral Sands are currently producing 7% of the worlds total ilmenite.  Operated by Kenmare Resources,   Beginning its production in 2010, it was discovered in the 90’s by Kerry Stanaway while working with BHP Minerals.

Brewer Gold Deposit, South Carolina, United States of America

Producing 178,000 ounces of gold from 1987 until 1995, the Brewer mine in South Carolina is currently being prospected for additional gold by Canadian company Pancontinental Resources Corp.

Pejubu West Rutile Sands, Sierra Leone

Pejubu West Rutile Sands operated by Sierra Rutile Limited, was discovered by Kerry Stanaway in the 1980’s.   Redevelopment of the mine was started in 2006, and the area remains one of the top producers of rutile in the area.

New Pass Gold Deposit, Nevada, United States of America

A jasperoid-hosted gold system, Kerry Stanaway was among the first modern geologists to explore the New Pass area in Churchill, Nevada, and is credited with the discovery of the New Pass Micro Gold deposit as part of this effort back in the 1980’s.

Subsequent discoveries have yielded the current New Pass gold prospecting area, a tabular ore body consisteing of discontinuous veneers and lenses of gold-bearing jasperoids exposed along a north-south volcanic limestone contact running roughly 4,000 meters in length.

Currently owned by Quest International and White Knight Gold, Inc, the operation remains in prospect status, with primary commodities of gold and silver, secondary manganese deposits, and tertiary deposits of copper and lead.